Estate Planning and Administration


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Estate Planning and Administration

Our estate planning and administration services provide you with advice in order to anticipate and to arrange for the disposal of your estate, comprising of your worldwide assets, upon your death.

Such planning aims to ensure that, upon your death, the costs of your estate such as taxes and other expenses are minimised as far as possible, that your estate is liquid enough to settle such costs, that your loved ones have enough liquidity for their needs, and that any complications which may arise are eliminated.

Our service offering includes, simple and direct communication with persons handling the estate, regular updates and communication and investment of estate funds in an interest-bearing account.

Winding up of an Estate is a costly and time-consuming process and ensuring you have the correct professionals appointed is essential. The Fiduciary Institute of South Africa published the below table giving timelines for the length of time it can take for the winding up of an Estate.


The Estate Administartion Timetable 

Admin Shortest possible time (days) Time if delays are experienced (days)
From death to reporting the death to the Master of
the High Court and handing in the Will
2 21
Waiting for the Master to issue letters of
executorship to the Executor
2 90
Placing the advertisement for debtors and
7 14
Advertisement time period 30 44
Time to finalise drafting the account and lodging
with the Master
7 60
Waiting for approval from the Master 14 90
Preparing to advertise the account 7 14
Advertisement period 21 28
Distribution of assets 30 180
Final requirements and final cash pay-out to
residual heirs
30 180
Total 150 721

The Importance of a Professional Executor

When drafting your Last Will, it is recommended that you select and nominate a professional executor to wind up your estate for the following reasons: A professional executor is experienced with the different procedures associated with administering different types of...

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