Estate Assets

Ensuring the most cost-effective protection of your estate assets to ensure a smooth transfer of wealth to your beneficiaries. 

Estate planning is much more than simply drafting a Will. It considers your circumstances and appropriate asset holding vehicles to ensure your wealth is not eroded by death taxes and to ensure there is a smooth transition of your wealth when you are no longer around. As such, estate planning aims to ensure that, upon your death, the costs of your estate such as taxes and other expenses are minimised as far as possible, that your estate is liquid enough to settle such costs, that your loved ones have enough liquidity to provide for their needs, and that any complications which may arise are prevented.  Estate planning is not a once-off exercise and should be done throughout every change in your life.  

Our services in the estate silo include: 

The MyLnD™ Programme

A liquidation and distribution account (L&D) is a written account prepared as part of the deceased estate administration process, addressed to interested parties (the Master, heirs, and creditors), stating the process of collecting and realising the deceased’s assets, the discharge of debts, costs and taxes, and the handing over of what is left to the heirs.

The administration of a deceased estate takes on average six to 13 months to finalise, before the heirs see the first cent of their inheritance.  In complex matters or matters with large cash liquidity issues or family disputes, winding up the estate may be delayed by several years. The only person with the knowledge to speed up and simplify the estate administration process is the very person who will not be there to answer the questions when the time arrives to ask them. The wrong answers to these questions can mean that the successful transfer of wealth from one generation to the next fails. 

To overcome this stalemate situation, we offer the MyLnD™ Programme, which pre-empts the process of administering your future deceased estate and the transfer of your wealth to your heirs, while you are still alive. In this manner, the planning process and the administration process become a unified planning event, pro-actively preparing for the eventuality of death.

Drafting of Wills 

We provide Will drafting services to ensure that your intentions and wishes are properly recorded in a Will to ensure the protection of both your estate and beneficiaries.  

Our services also entail that you are advised regarding whether you require one worldwide Will to deal with your assets or whether you require a foreign Will to deal with assets in a particular jurisdiction. You may require a foreign Will depending on several factors which include how many jurisdictions your assets are situated across, the laws of the jurisdiction(s) in which your assets are situated and the size and nature of your assets in a particular foreign jurisdiction.  

Leaving behind a clear and valid Will is also being kind to your loved ones, by making the division and winding up of your deceased estate just a little bit simpler.  

Estate Administration

Your nominated executor needs to ensure that your estate is distributed as per your wishes in terms of your Will. This might sound simple, but it includes closing accounts, selling and or transferring of assets, tax compliance, payments, correspondence with various parties like family members, creditors, the Master of the High Court, SARS, etc.

We have professionally qualified persons who will ensure that your estate is administered in terms of the law and in a timely manner.

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