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About The Carrick Group


The Carrick Group is a financial services provider specialising in financial planning, integrated wealth management and investment solutions for high-net-worth (HNW) clients in South Africa, across the African sub-continent and internationally. Carrick has its head office in Cape Town and additional offices in Johannesburg and Durban.

We are also licensed in Zimbabwe and Malawi and hold three global licences in Mauritius. For the past four years Carrick has won a string of prestigious international best practice awards as a financial and investment advisory, more recently the team won “Best Adviser Support Team” and “Excellence in Marketing”.

Carrick Consult


Carrick Consult provides independent professional services to assist clients with personalised fiduciary and financial solutions.

We assist HNW (High-net-worth) clients, families and businesses with comprehensive strategies to optimise their financial portfolios and protect their assets.


Fiduciary and financial services with the greatest care and professionalism 

Team of specialist attorneys, accountants and tax practitioners
Comprehensive estate planning to preserve your wealth for future generations
Attention to detail and a complete understanding of our clients unique business and family circumstances

The Carrick Investment Committee conducts full due diligence on all partners and products to ensure that they meet Carrick’s high standards of transparency, track record, consistency and reputation.

While Carrick forges beneficial partnerships with industry leaders in the fiduciary and financial services field, we also at all times maintain our full independence in order for our clients to benefit from the best objective and professional advice.

The Carrick Philosophy


At Carrick, we see our role as helping and guiding our clients professionally, transparently and with integrity towards achieving the financial and investment goals they have set for themselves. We understand how hard you’ve worked for your money, and as experienced advisers we understand the importance of wealth and believe that by earning your trust and exceeding your expectations no one will be better placed to help you grow, protect and preserve your wealth.

We firmly believe that wealth management is never a single step, but a life-long voyage driven by sound financial principles and a dynamic investment strategy. Guided by a masterful understanding of your financial situation, through careful financial planning, strategic implementation and ongoing management, we build long-term wealth for our clients.

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